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B2B Appointment Settings: The Top Tips

B2B appointment setting is vital in order for any business to earn new clients. Typically, a sales representative is put in-charge of the appointment, where he meets prospective clients and hopes to turn them into sure-fire clients. However, with the best practices in appointment setting, your business’ sales representatives should be able to do much more than just hope when it comes to generating clients.

Here are some of the top tips that every sales representative must follow for a B2B appointment setting.

The First Call is All Important

Before a prospective client meets a sales representative, the sales rep must make the call that convinces the potential client to meet in person, and convincing needs preparation. Before you call, it’s always better to know more about the person you are supposed to meet. Why not start with LinkedIn? It is the biggest name in professional networking, and almost all modern day professionals have their very own LinkedIn profiles. So feel free to browse through your potential client’s profile, and know more about him before you have even met. This goes a long way in B2B appointment setting, as you can tailor that all-important first call according to the kind of person the client is.

No Aggressive Demands

After the lead generation process, it is purely up to the sales reps to work their magic in order secure potential clients. While sales reps’ jobs are generally target oriented, it is best not to obsess over those targets, as obsessing typically leads to aggressive behavior during conversations with prospective clients. Remember, you can only sell your business’ services to somebody if they are truly interested. So your job is to get them interested, and nothing more. Sometimes, even if you try your best when you call prospective clients, they would simply not be interested. In such scenarios, it’s necessary to move on to the next lead. However, many sales reps lose their cool and become aggressive, which is a strict no-no. Aggressive demands would only put off the potential client, and hamper your reputation as a sales rep, along with that of the business.

Follow Up

You may have really impressed a potential client over that all-important first call, which led him to saying yes for the appointment that you worked so hard for. However, don’t expect that very first face-to-face meeting to result in a guaranteed sale. More often than not, sales reps have to keep following up with leads in order to get them to say yes. However, not all sales reps are persistent. In fact, many reps give up just after one or two follow up calls, where at least five follow up calls are the norm in today’s times to at least have a chance. And why just follow up through phone calls? Leave the clients occasional messages, e-mails, or maybe even handwritten notes. Just be careful not to overdo it, and don’t let frustration get the better of you even if five follow up calls don’t result in a conversion.

Leading Cooper Solutions Inc. is a trusted name when it comes to outsource appointment setting services. Our company has helped numerous businesses over the years with its outsourced sales services, and our sales reps have vast experience in turning potential clients into dedicated, long-term clients. As far as customer acquisition is concerned, there are few better companies out there to guarantee it than Leading Cooper Solutions Inc. We guarantee qualified leads, which ensures efficiency, and our friendly yet assertive sales reps make sure that our appointment setting services are unparalleled.

Outsourcing Sales: The Most Common Mistakes

Over the last few years, numerous businesses have taken to outsourcing their sales, which bless them with a bounty of benefits. However, outsourcing sales is not just about handing over the sales duties and responsibilities to a company. Plenty of businesses have suffered greatly thanks to critical mistakes of sales outsourcing, and if you have plans of outsourcing your business’ sales, here are some of the mistakes that you must avoid.

Hiring a Firm that Does Not Specialize in What You Need

The sales requirements of all businesses are not the same. While some businesses require an efficient sales team with great experience in closing critical business deals, others may require pipeline development, and some others may need an out and out sales consultancy service to develop an effective and efficient sales strategy for their business. Thus, first and foremost, you need to identify the sales requirements of your business and appropriately hire a sales firm. There is no use whatsoever in outsourcing direct sales to a firm that does not cater to your business requirements. It would only be a costly expenditure in the long run.

No Internal Support at the Business’ End

There are many businesses that are of the opinion that when they hire a firm for outsourcing their sales, they don’t need anybody at their end to handle any sales responsibilities. They are completely wrong. There has to be at least one employee of the business, preferably in a commanding position, who has to be up to date with whatever is going on in terms of the sales process. This is vital for both the business and the company that has been recruited to handle the sales responsibilities. This in-house member would act as the link between the business and the sales firm, and would be in charge of all collaborative efforts, along with providing necessary feedback and managing requests.

Lack of Thorough Interviews

When a business outsources its sales responsibilities, it needs to be sure that the sales firm is up to the task for not just the short-term, but the long-term as well. In order to be completely sure, the business needs to interview various prospects in a thorough fashion. However, there are a lot of businesses that cut short this important process, and lose out in the long run. There are numerous sales firms who get selected simply because they managed to put together really impressive presentations. While presentations are definitely an indicator of the sales firms’ quality, they are definitely not convincing enough on their own. Businesses should interview individuals of the sales firm as thoroughly as possible to know exactly the kind of people they hire to do their sales work for them.

To Think That the Business Does Not Need an In-House Sales Team

While outsourcing sales is all fine and dandy for businesses that are on the rise, it can never be considered as a permanent replacement for in-house sales teams. While outsourcing lowers costs and risks initially, if you truly want your business to scale incredible heights, you need your very own sales team at some point of time in the future. Many successful businesses keep their sales process partially outsourced, and at the same time, they put together a highly efficient in-house sales team.

The main aim of outsourcing sales responsibilities is customer acquisition. Sales firms boast of excellent contacts and references, and an effective firm can not only identify target audiences, but also generate customers. Leading Cooper Solutions Inc. is a great example of a sales firm that continues to deliver outstanding sales results to various businesses around the globe. At Leading Cooper Solutions Inc., we boast of an excellent customer acquisition program that has delivered benefits and improved revenue growth substantially for several businesses. What makes our sales work unique is our direct selling methodology, which guarantees results!

Top Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation

Businesses have changed and evolved over the years. Companies nowadays are focusing on the most important and core tasks, rather than wasting time and resources on the less productive ones. The focus has shifted on taking help or outsourcing the important activities to have better output from those who specialize in the same. For example, putting your much-experienced sales personnel to the initial step of cold calling is a big waste of resources. How about giving him potent leads, leaving the task of cold calling to newbies, and lead generation and appointment setting to experts? In no time you will watch your sales figure soaring.

There are many benefits of availing customer acquisition services with experienced specialists like Leading Cooper Solutions Inc. Let’s check out how these experts can help you with their customer acquisition services.

1. You Speak Only to the Potential Clients
Going by the Pareto Principle (80-20 rule), 20% of the cold-calling gives 80% of the return. All that matters to you is this 20%. Once you get the leads to these interested clients, your sales team can focus better on discussion and conversion of the deals. That’s the power of outsourcing! Our well-trained team works constantly to schedule your high potential meetings and gives you a list of productive and qualified leads to focus on.

2. You are Always Technologically Updated
When you hire such specialized services, you are always in sync with new technologies and methods of customer acquisition. We leverage new analytical tools, social media tools and data mining tools to keep you abreast of the competition.

Leading Cooper Solutions Inc. believes in delivering quality results with the help of advanced CRM softwares like ZOHO, SugarCRM, Salesforce etc. With all these powerful technologies, you get the best customer acquisition services in Canada. With each new lead, you receive an actionable and consequential analysis.

3. You are Saved from Financial and Administrative Burdens
Hiring new in-house team for customer acquisition takes away lots of time, resources and expenditure. You have to recruit, train and retain staff. Fixed cost and overheads including expenses for software licensing, laptops, mobiles, salary, insurances, medical expenses, HR and training expenses apart from office expenditure are mounting. You are free from all these when you opt for outsourcing. It optimizes and reduces the cost of running your business significantly, and adds value to your business. You pay for what you use. Moreover, customer-friendly terms of customer acquisition service providers make outsourcing all the more lucrative.

4. 24/7 Operation
When businesses are global in nature, time plays a vital role. Especially, for sales and marketing unrestricted communication between two parties are inevitable. In such condition specialized lead generation and sales consulting service providers can handle your operation without a break. They make location and time zones immaterial. That’s true with all the reputed customer acquisition firms. Leading Cooper Solutions Inc. is a proficient lead generation, customer services and appointment setting company based in Canada

Outsourcing customer acquisition and lead generation needs great care. Since sales function is the backbone of every business, you need to be sure of the capability and competence of the company you hire to handle the outsourced task.

Leading Cooper specializes in handling functions like customer acquisition, role of a virtual assistant, lead generation, appointment fixing and telemarketing with the proficient and well-trained employees, who would first spend time understanding your business and its image and discuss with you how you want to portray the image. Once the initial discussion is over, a draft text is prepared and shared with the company. After approval, Leading Cooper proceeds as per agreed procedure. Due to years of experience in handling businesses of various types, you can trust their expertise too.

Tips for Creating Quality Content to Target Your Customers

Content is the king when it comes to promoting your business. The right content is sure to attract customers, while ambiguous or unclear content may drive off prospective clients. In an age where social media and print media along with other forms of advertising sway public opinion on everything, it is very important to choose your content wisely.

Businesses outsource their content to professional brand management companies. Creating effective content for business requires careful planning and execution. At Leading Cooper, we ensure that expert content strategist, content writers, editors and social media managers together create content that improves your online reputation.

Some key factors to keep in mind when deciding on developing content are listed here –

  • Understand the target customer

Before you start working on your content, what you need to keep in mind is who would be the majority readers of your content. Chances are that if you try to cater to a wide spectrum of readers with the same content, it may not have the desired effect on any reader. So try to narrow down your target audience to a specific group. This will help you to develop more reader-friendly and useful content.

  • Use a catchy title

Most of us do not even read the whole text if the title doesn’t attract us. Unless the title appeals to a reader, s/he won’t read what follows. So think of a good title that will entice the target customer to read what follows after the title.

  • Content should be planned and well organized

Your content should have a clear introduction, followed by the main idea elaborated and then a clear ending. If this structure is not followed, you may lose a prospective customer due to a confusing piece of text. The introduction should present the main idea without beating about the bush, because human concentration spans for a few seconds only and you have to gain their interest from the beginning itself.

  • Content should be optimized for the Internet

When you plan your content, keep in mind the fact that most of us are hooked on to the Internet for better part of the day and chances are your content will be found by your target customers on the Internet itself. Moreover, most internet users have access through mobile phones. So optimize your content for both Search Engine Optimization and mobile viewing. Your viewer base will increase considerably.

  • Proofread and edit the content before finalizing

Once your content is ready, proofread it for any errors. There should be no scope for errors, either in content, structure or grammar. If necessary, edit the content to suit the style of your business and your target customers. Content presented with mistakes affects the brand management efforts negatively.

  • It should have visual appeal

The content should be presented in a visually appealing format because customers are attracted to visuals first and text later. Choose a color palette that can be identified with your business and is in sync with your content. Break the content into short paragraphs and subheads to make it readable and easy to comprehend.

Following the above mentioned steps with a focus on the brand and the customer base makes your brand management efforts go in the right direction. Most business houses outsource content marketing to professionals get better results without the hassle of hiring a content development team. If your business needs to outsource content creation for brand management, look no further.

At Leading Cooper, we have a dedicated team to manage social media platforms, blog and content writing as well as online content optimization for our clients. Leading Cooper offers dependable IT solutions with a gamut of services which also include remote computer support as well as web application development.

Add True Value to Your Business with Leading Cooper’s Customer Acquisition Services

The main motivating force of any business is sales; whether it is of products or of services is irrelevant. Building a dedicated customer base takes considerable time and many businesses run into huge debts and losses before generating enough return on investment.

This is where Leading Cooper’s customer acquisition services come in picture. We prepare your business for the market right from its initiation to its execution and then some. We help you build a dedicated customer base that will be the driving force of your sales and revenue. You concentrate on developing your product or service while we take of the rest with the help of our dedicated sales process outsourcing team.


  • We identify your niche

Keeping in mind your product/service, we identify your target market. A venture may fail if it does not understand for whom it is creating the business. Without a target client base, all efforts put in developing a business will be in vain.

  • We provide competent business developers

Once we identify your target market, our team of proficient business developers plan out the most lucrative strategy for your business to generate sales, revenue and a dedicated customer base.

  • We help you understand your target customers

Based on your preferred group of customers, we analyze their inclinations, and develop our content and decide our mode of communication with them.  We invest heavily in generating the right content which will influence your target customers positively.

  • We involve an extensive array of marketing media

Our team provides content tailor-made to boost sales of your product/service on the best marketing media accessible to all – email newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. The right content on social media generates interest in the right customer base.

  • We invest in offline sales channels also

Since no particular marketing strategy can target all prospective customers, we invest equally on our team of skilled tele-marketers to promote cold calling as well as solicited calls. Our offline strategy of telemarketing bolsters our online mode of marketing.

  • We help build trust and lifetime value

We commit to promote your business, and one of our strong points is to build trust among the target customers. We do so by providing them correct and appropriate information, not only to generate and build sales, but also to create a lifetime value for your business that people can trust.

  • We aim at long-term branding

Our USP is our investment in Customer Relationship Management. We work intensively with the most advanced analytics tools. Our efficient CRM systems help a business to retain its customers long after their initial deal. This promotes long-term branding of the company.

With the vast array of services in our customer acquisition plans, we provide a wide range of choice for all types of business ventures to affiliate with us. We aim to create an irrefutable moniker for your company because that is how we have crafted a niche for our company.

A half-baked cookie is never saleable; either be prepared with all the ingredients and plan to bake and sell your cookie, or don’t venture into the cookie business at all. At Leading Cooper, we do the former. We not only help you make and sell the cookies, we also help you create a niche market of lifelong customers. We believe in promoting our client’s business to the best of the industry standards by inculcating the best ideas and practices of generating sales and revenue. We add value to your business because that adds value to our business.

How Does Social Media Contribute to Greater Customer Acquisition?

Social media has evolved over the past few years, making it one of the most trusted channels for customer acquisition. However, the greatest challenge is to understand the value of these channels.

Traditionally, business developers and marketers believed that the last-click contributed to ROI data for digital promotion and marketing. However, with the advent of social media, conversion rate is further driven by varied factors, which is unclear. Whilst many businesses have identified social media as one of the most promising tools for customer acquisition, they fail to understand how to use it optimally.

The Social Age and Customer Acquisition

Today, 77% of all brand conversions take place on social media. Thus, business developers focus on listening and responding to customers, and provide information they seek. The more you interact, the better rewards.

So, you have to prepare for the new age of meeting customers, offering service, and conversion. A strategy, basically, is all you need.

Tips to Improve Social Media Strategy for Better Customer Acquisition

Social media is a craze, and people often dive into it without any clarity. However, that doesn’t yield results. If you are hasty, chances are that you would lose interest sooner than later. Like other marketing channels, your business team should have a proper strategy to improve your business.

#1: Pick Up the Best Channels

Every business may not need a social media channel. Different channels would have something new and unique to offer. Like Facebook offers videos, photos and posts, Twitter merely has handles and photos, while LinkedIn focuses on employment.

Business with limited resources should focus on time spent on various social media channels to reach the right audience base and drive overall business goals. There are different tools that can help you find the right ones, such as:

  • Data Analytics: Data analytics can help you to identify the sources of good traffic like social media, referral channels etc.
  • Social Data Share: The source of your content and where it is used is analyzed by Social Data Sharing tools. While you may not be promoting your content across some social networks, your readers are probably doing it. Find out all the places where your content is shared and where it has received the most promising reviews and engagement.
  • Brand Discussion: If you are monitoring your brand, you would know where and when it is being mentioned across social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Are people talking about your brand, products and services? Find out the most promising source of discussion.
  • CRM Systems: CRM systems are the heart and soul of customer acquisition. Your existing customers are your key driving forces that can promote your business. Using CRM system, you can match email addresses and other details to social media platforms, and find out more details related to the patterns and see how your existing customer base behaves.

Step#2: Content Evaluation by Channel

Besides identifying the social media channels that work, you have to pinpoint the right content that can be shared across those channels. It is very important for your social media strategy and planning.

Well, you need not be active on all social channels. Likewise, you need not promote the same content across all channels. Balance, is needed.

Customers using different social platforms have different tastes too. For instance, customers on Facebook may not the content posted in LinkedIn, which is usually formal.

Once again, to identify the best and most relevant content for each and every social media channel, you can use data analytics, social data share, and social insights tools for optimum results.

Step#3: Social Media Team Empowerment

Since social media is responsible for generating traffic, you have to empower the team to take decisions. Evaluate questions and see how your team responds. Give them the power to ask questions to customers, form opinions, take impromptu decisions, and direct customers.

Additionally, make sure your social media team has all the information needed to interface with potential customers, and the authority to take decisions related to customer service.

The social media offers a powerhouse of opportunities to businesses and customers alike. However, make sure you are aware of the ways to handle your business decisions to acquire customers.

Ways to Maximize Customer Acquisition – Unveiled

Studies reveal that both giant companies as well as agencies are now concerned about customer acquisition, rather than retention. Indeed, customer acquisition is a difficult ballgame altogether. In fact, Forrester Research estimated that today’s customer prospects are rather self-directing between 66 to 90 percent of the total sales. It becomes more challenging to develop a bond with potential customers.

Companies, if focused, can acquire more potential customers even with limited resources. All they need is a bunch of business developers with great ideas and right strategies in place.  For start-ups, it is very important to be focused. While business developers and companies generally focus on product niche, they lose their focus on the target audience.

In order to approach customer acquisition and get the desired result, you should have a solid and strategized plan. The basis is to develop a strong relationship with the target audience and, there are plenty of tools to do so. You can use tele marketers, focus on cold calling, and get referrals to maximize your business goals.

What Is the Right Strategy?

Well, there are many. But there’s no one-size-fits-all!

So, depending on your business type, products and/or service, and your target audience, you can chalk out a plan to promote your business.

Step#1: Identify your Target Audience/Customers

To earn better ROI, you should know your customer base properly. Identify your potential customer base and ideal market. It is valuable for your business. You can spend your resources, engage tele marketers, and conduct market research to find out your cream customer base.

In the next step, you have to estimate customer lifetime value, which involves predicting the total amount of profit your business generates from a customer within a specified timeframe.

You can also divide your customers into different groups, or segments, according to the bond and value. In this way, you can identify the highly profitable segments as well as those that don’t seem profitable. Indeed, it can help you decide how much funds to spend on acquiring a certain segment or maintaining each identified segment.

Step#2: Use Integrated Technology for Greater Traffic Volume

Once your customer base is determined, you have to bring them to you. Your business cannot grow if your customers are not aware of the same. Today, people direct their own ways and research before choosing how and when they want to contact a business. As such, it is very important for businesses to meet the expectations of customers by understanding what they want, and offering them the same.

In fact, customers also prefer communication with business developers of a company so that they can choose what they want. To satisfy your customers and for the growth of your business, you can use customer experience platforms with integrated technology. As you offer a better experience to customers, your conversion rates would automatically increase.

Step#3: Get the Best, Well Researched, and Informative Content

Content is, and shall always remain, the core strength of online experience. Customers who come online cannot see or feel the products/services they want, unlike in real world. So, you have to offer them really compelling content with digital narrative images in mind. As well, you must link back the content to a structure that accompanies the journey of your customer.

Remember, content engages customers. So, your content should focus on generating a buzz, promoting your product/service, giving ample research to convince customers, and convert.

With content comes SEO. If your content is not well optimized, your customers may never be able to find you. Target long tail keywords and strategize to increase your traffic across search engines. It would definitely increase the rate of conversion.

Step#4: Practice Lead Nurturing

There are different stages of sales, which can be explained through the sales funnel. In all these various stages of sales, it is important to nurture the leads and develop a bond with customers. This process is called lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing mainly emphasizes on the efforts made towards communication and marketing to understand the needs of customers. It also aims to provide relevant answers and information to prospects.

One of the best ways to enhance lead management is to integrate advanced technologies like marketing automation and CRM systems. It offers consistency across different touchpoints and gives leverage to customers to have a 360-degree view.

In addition, data analytics can also be used to send personalized content to customers based on their search results.

Build a powerful CRM system, have a CX platform, optimize your landing page, empower the sales force – and, you wouldn’t be far from acquiring the cream customers for your business goals.

Leading Cooper is one of the finest companies in Canada that offers the best customer acquisition services to businesses across the world. Seek, and you shall find!